Monday, June 23, 2008

The Plans

I have become involved with a group of shadowy individuals, we call our selves the Junction City N-Scalers. We have been hashing out plans for our club layout that we are planning to begin construction on in August. In the meantime I have been given the task of designing and building the structures on one of the modules. So far I have the elevations done for the depot & the co-op/grain elevator. I hope you can click on them to view a larger version other wise you wont be able to see much.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

EL Progress

Just sharing some new pictures of the EL progress.  The main station walls are done and the roof has a little more work left.  The aqua on the roof is just overspray and will be a faded red when done.  So enjoy

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Project on Hold

This is something else that I am working on, this is the Dominion Building.  The prototype is in Vancouver British Columbia, I fell in love with this building about a year ago and wanted to model it.  A few major changes that I did were first the obvious color, I like the original but I changed it because it doesn't look right for the feel that I want.  Second I changed a few other elements of the building for space reasons.  The building is currently in a holding pattern until I learn how to mass-produce windows, I have about 70 left to frame.  

Corner view of the Dominion Bldg.  Note the early stages of the EL to the left.

Similar view as above, the blocks on the third floor were hand laid. 
(click on image for a exploded view)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Current Project

This is just a few photos of my current project, it is based on the Bedford Park Station in New York, it was part of the 3rd ave. EL that was torn down in 1973.  The prototype has three tracks but due to space constraints I took it down to two.  Also the prototype is about 15' from street to bottom of girder clearance.  I had to increase this to 26' so if I needed to have a double stack train roll under it.

View of frame work 

Most of painting done on frame, wood decking laid and stained, and beginning of north station. 

Start of platform wings of station, and beginning of details.

Track 95% finished, still need to add some more weathering and some random trash.

stay tuned for construction updates.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Desert Empire: Part 2 (ca. 1948)

Documentary of Bingham in 1948, this amazing town is now gone, it was completely engulfed by Kennecott.

First Entry

Well be patient it will take sometime to get going.