Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Current Project

This is just a few photos of my current project, it is based on the Bedford Park Station in New York, it was part of the 3rd ave. EL that was torn down in 1973.  The prototype has three tracks but due to space constraints I took it down to two.  Also the prototype is about 15' from street to bottom of girder clearance.  I had to increase this to 26' so if I needed to have a double stack train roll under it.

View of frame work 

Most of painting done on frame, wood decking laid and stained, and beginning of north station. 

Start of platform wings of station, and beginning of details.

Track 95% finished, still need to add some more weathering and some random trash.

stay tuned for construction updates.

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Mindy Sue said...

This is awesome - I had no idea that you were up to these things! (I mean, I knew that you did this a while ago, but it is great to see you back at it) You have always had an amazing talent for creating and detail. You also crack me up! Love the sarcasm and whit.