Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dominion Building - The Results are In.

I am home from the show and I am here to tell you how the Dominion Building fared in the contest.

Best of Show
1st place in Structure category
3rd in peoples choice

What really made me happy was I had competition at this show unlike the last show I entered in.  The HO victorian building was really good, it had a few minor issues, but still was a great model, a few of the other structures were good but not great.  There were a other models in different categories that were great, such as a S-scale caboose and a amazing N-scale SD70mac.  One thing that I was a little disappointed with was this wasn't a NMRA judged show, so no points unfortunately.  Also note the colors of the ribbons, Red is first and Blue is second???  When I walked up I thought I only took second but then I read the ribbon, sort of strange.  Another thing, I entered my building a day after most of the other models so I lost out on many votes, and I knew this would happen but I needed the time to touch up a few things, or maybe I am just making excuses.

Again I want to thank you guys for the input and suggestions with this building, it really helped me to build a better model.

Thank you,


Jason said...

It looks amazing. Congratulations! said...


Just awesome. Congrats on your success. However looking at this model gives the viewer so much more than any ribbon can do. Thanks for being so open with your techniques, ideas, and work. You are an inspiration and I've learned a lot from your enthusiasm and amazing artwork and fine details.

All the best and congrats again!!!


Jeff G. said...

Congratulations on the win! Contest or not, the project in and of itself is a great accomplishment.

Looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Hi I also want to say congratulations!!!! I was following your site as well as n scale wordpress site.I think no matter what your modeling is amasing.Thanks for the inspiration.
Keep us posted with more great stuff. Best of luck !!!!
Thanks, Pam

Christopher Brimley said...

I don't know what to say but thank you to all. I hope I am able to keep going at this same pace and keep building things that please all of you. You all do such a great job at keeping me motivated. Thank you for the great comments.

pam said...

what is your next project??
Also have you heard anything from nscale word press.Sorry I can't remember his first name.I know he has not updated his site lately.Just wondring if you have heard from him. Thanks, pam

Mindy Sue said...

It looks incredible! I wish that I could see it in person and really then appreciate the detail! Even from what I can see, I am amazed! You are a talented kid and I am proud to call you my little brother! Smiles!

Christopher Brimley said...

Thanks Mindy, I will show them to you the next time you are up here.