Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dominion Building Update

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 If you glance briefly at the pictures it may look like I haven't done much work.  But if you look close much has been done.  First I have the beginnings of the back under way, but as of yet nothing worth showing.  I also have added a strip of detail along the edge above the arched windows, it added some desperately needed detail to the top.   
The most work I have done is on window frames and the detailing between floors on the facade.  As of yet I have added 6 pieces of .020 x .040" and .020 x .030" strip styrene to the 65 windows on the 4th - 8th floors.  That is 390 parts so far, I will have doubled that when the windows are done on those five floors.  It is a mind numbing experience and I sort of go into a Zen state and the time fly's by.
The other long task is the detail that I am adding between the floors.  It is done between floors 7 and 8 and 75% done on the next floor down.  Each row will be a different from the others.  The finished rows are made from .020 x .020", .010 x .020" and .010 x .080" strip.  I will finish the rows before I finish of the windows so I don't risk breaking out anything, like I have done on the other floors.
Initially this building was to be placed at the back of my future city, and because of this I had skimped on the detail of the windows and the back.  Now it will still be at the back but I have become more picky and am striving for a more detailed structure.  Because of this I have cut out some of the windows that I had finished and will do them "correctly" because before they looked like I was cutting corners and not putting forth my full effort.
I still have quite a bit of work left and if anybody has questions or suggestions please leave a comment so I don't feel like I am talking to a wall.

close up of detail 
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