Monday, November 17, 2008

Dominion Building

I started back up on the Dominion Building, and I am having a lot of fun.  I am glad I took a few months off from it cause I learned much from the other little buildings that I built.  I am hopping that the excitement continues till I finish it, but it is going to be hard when I start to build the 60-70 windows from scratch,  I need to learn how to cast parts. 
 If you look at earlier pictures of the building I was experimenting with a paper brick pattern on the 4th thru 8th floors and thats about when I stopped.  I have ripped off all of the paper due to the fact it looked like poo and wasn't giving me the results I desired.  I have now laminated on textured brick plastic and added a little detail with strips of three rows of brick to add further dimension.  The color has been difficult to decide on, (the first coat came out a nasty Dijon mustard color).  I think I like the color of the brick now, its a bit of a kaki color.  Now that the brick is done I am starting to finish off the back.  Initially I was going to leave it unfinished because it will never be seen, but now that I will most likely be entering it in a show in March I needs to be finished.  
I am sorry for the bad pictures I was using them to see if the colors work in natural light.

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