Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dominion Building Update - Trying to Find a Good Interior Designer

Hi Folks!  Well here it is the last Sunday update on the Dominion Trust Building, and I must apologize about the bittersweet end.  I am very burned out on this project, but don't worry, I still need to finish it for the March 6th show at Ogden Union Station.  I have a few little jobs left to do, but I need to shelve it for a couple weeks so I can start on the Gordon and finally start on some other major stuff.  I wont say too much about the gordon yet cause after all this is the Dominion show.

I began work in side and I hate to admit it but I don't like doing interiors for some strange reason.  I think it is because it is usually one of the last tasks and when it is time to do it, I am mentally on my next project.  The basically all but the furniture is photo textures that are free to down load at cgtextures.  I then sized and pieced them together on Adobe Illustrator and then printed them out on a nice glossy brochure paper on a laser copier.

The few pieces of furniture I built from strip styrene, then painted appropriately.  The table at the entryway, I added some pamphlets and a vase with flowers.  The pamphlets are paper cut to size and the vase was cut from aluminum tube.  The flowers are made from tiny squares of red paper and the stems are, he he he, hair:)  The few shrubbery's  are 1/8" square tube and clump foliage.  The paintings I got from the same site as the other textures, I them added a .020" plastic back, then colored the edges with a brown Sharpie.  I still need to build more furniture but that will come later.

I also added a black card stock view blocks on the upper floors but the windows are too lifeless and so I have a few things that I will try out to see if they will look better.  I have most of the glazing in, I just have a few windows left.  I also have curtains to hang as well on a few windows and have a few more signs and other details as well.

So I will post finished pictures of the Dominion before the show and have a better farewell but other than that we move to the Gordon.  I have built the Gordon about a dozen times in my head, trying to figure out the best route to take it.  I still have gobs of time today so I may post on it late tonight.  That reminds me, do you guys like the Sunday updates or would you prefer I post more often with smaller updates as I go?  If I don't hear anything I will stick with the Sunday posts. 


Anonymous said...

You don't like doing interiors...(you say)...and yet you manage to build one of the best N scale interiors I've seen (and you're just getting started).

Damn you for raising the bar yet again. Guess I'll have to try harder! :)

As usual, FANTASTIC work. Truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

BTW... I love the Sunday night updates. I look forward to them. And you have nice filler in between.

Christopher Brimley said...

Sorry Frank, I know you have heard me whine all week about interiors, but I there are a few reasons I don't like doing them. You spend tons of time on them and you only see them if your mug is right at the windows. The Dominion will sit two to three feet from the front of the layout, maybe when I add lighting it will be more visible.
On the Gordon I have a few cheats that I am going to try out to escape this. But I am glad you like it and I am honestly not trying to one up anybody but myself. I am my worst critic.

Brakeman said...

I agree with the user nscale -- that is a fantastic interior. However, your last picture does show that an interior is rarely worth it -- given the photo angle, you can barely see the details.

FWIW, I read this blog via a RSS reader, so it doesn't matter when you post -- I catch up when I can.