Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gordon Building Update - Windows

I said I wasn't going to post on the Gordon tonight but my plans fell through and so I built windows.  I used a technique that I have been wanting to try ever sense I designed a warehouse a few years ago.  What I use is a etched brass mesh to kill all the mullions but it looked to flat so I  added some .020" square strip styrene on top of the mesh. 
I then sprayed on a primer after I masked the windows off so the brass would hold the paint.  I wanted a darker color in the windows so I used a flat dark grey, in the photos it looks textured but in-person it looks fine.

Some of you are probably scratching your head in confusion because of the way I am building this, I wanted to try finishing the front facade before adding the rest of the structure.  On other projects I felt I fought with it more as an assembled structure, and caused damage as I went along, so far I am really enjoying this method and will try it more in the future, but it may depend on the structure as well.  At the rate I have been going I hope the have the front done by the weekend so I can start the rest of the structure.

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