Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gordon Building Update - Davids Delicatessen

Building this little delicatessen took me considerably longer than I originally expected.  I also fought with it more than any other part of the this building, but it seems to have worked out.  

Like the entrance I built the door first and work out from it, I find this helps to keep things proportionate.  The door is a standard 36 x 72" and I built it from .020 x .020", .040"  and .080" strip.  Then I began to build up the deli from the bottom up.  I use primarily .010 x 040" and .020" square strip.  Sorry I am not to terribly descriptive on how it was built.

I painted the door with a mix I had made up a while ago and the painted the rest of the structure an olive drab.  I swear that everything in New York was painted olive drab in mid 20th century.  

The signs are mix of some that I through together and some that I have had for awhile.  The bit of tile in the entry was another texture that I printed from CG Textures.  I will be adding an awning once the rest of the structure is together, I also will add many more details on and in the windows at a later stage as well.  The front is essentially done now, so I will be moving on to the right side, other than that side the roof is the only other part that will be finished, the back and left will be forever unfinished, why waste time and materials on them.  

So what going to end up on the left?  Well it is going to be another structure on the scale of the Steven's, but I don't know for sure, what I do know is it will be a challenge to build and if I pull it off it should be rather neat.  But as always I could change my mind, stay tuned.


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