Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gordon Building Update - Paint

Yes I went ahead and painted the front shell, I have been having fun with this, it really feels nice going to a smaller project, its like a vacation.  So because of this excitement I have been moving at a steady pace, and so the Sunday only update wont work on a smaller project.  
I gave it a base coat of Polly Scale ????, most of the label is gone.  I got it for free (not five finger free) from my local hobby shop, I wanted some empty mixing bottles and he was out so he gave me a bunch of old paint he had, but this one was still good.  Once dry I attacked with india ink/alcohol wash and that made it a little darker than I wanted.  So when all was dry I came after the wash with another wash of Polly Scale Dust, as I reworked over a few spots I noticed the paint was stripping the india ink wash and it looked AMAZING!  What happened was the brush removed the wash on the surfaces but not in the corners and cracks and I must say is one of the best paint jobs I have ever done, or as Bob Ross would say "A happy accident".  The pictures do a horrid job showing my paint job on the building, the blocks turned out better than I hoped for and now I really regret not adding them to the rest of the building.
Next up I will build the windows and there are ONLY TWELVE!, unlike the 160 that I had on the Dominion, and the way I am going to do them will be a breeze.  I doubt I will post tomorrow on the Gordon cause I have other things to do but I will update when I get the windows done.

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