Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Cute Little Break

As most of you know it has been rather quiet lately, going from daily Gordon posts, to almost nothing.  The reason behind this is I am hurrying to get the Dominion done for the Ogden show on Friday, I will post Thursday night if I have time on the finished building.  As I have been slaving away on it I regularly had my oldest daughter watching and asking question after question after question (she's three).  But a few days ago I was doing some painting and she was determined to help, but that wasn't going to happen, so to calm her down I told her I would get her very own building to work on and that defused the situation.
So yesterday after I came home we went to the local hobby store to pick one out.  There wasn't anything "cheap" enough in N-scale so I dug around in the HO structures and found her a little Bachman house  for five dollars.
Later that night we began work on her very own building.  Under my close supervision I let her cut the parts off of the sprues with my Xuron cutters.  Once we had all the parts removed, we began assembly.  I let her figure out what parts went next and she did a very good job with that, I then assembled it for her.  On the box in big bold letters it states NO GLUE REQUIRED,  ha what a joke, without glue it was nothing more than a rickety shanty, so I glued it up.  Today she wants to paint it, so we'll see how that goes.  On a side note, it is very strange working in HO after doing N for so long, it felt huge, and seems like it would be a cakewalk to scratch build in.
I was proud of her, with the items she did, she did a great job.  In the new issue of Nscale Railroading, there is an article by Danica Kempinski daughter of the amazing Bernie Kempinski, where she makes a very good apple orchard, so this means I can groom my daughters to build all of my trees for me, ah that will be nice:)  These are a few pictures of her working on her building and one with her and the finished building.

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Jeff G. said...

That's a great story. No doubt that when the trains begin to roll, your daughter will want a layout of her own!