Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Beginnings of The Gordon

Let me introduce what I will probably work on after I finish the Dominion Building.  I have named it The Gordon and it is not based on a specific prototype but kind of a conglomeration of a few.  This is what I have done as of yet on the elevations.  

I don't think it should be to difficult of a structure to build, I need a little break after the Dominion is finished.  It will be a 100% scratch build again, that means more windows YEAH!!! At least there are only a few unlike the 130ish on the Dominion.  

I need to finish up the design on the main floor, on one half I will have a little delicatessen, the other will be a art deco entrance that will tie in with the rest of the structure.  I will also need to do the elevations for the sides and back, those shouldn't take too long.  I will repost when the plans are done.

I also have a few mini projects that I want to start on as well that are similar to the water tower and billboards.  Hopefully I will have those build-a-long.'s done soon.   


Miles said...

VERY nice interpretation of Art Deco motifs! I would think that the building would look evn better with a complex series of tilework at the top of the building, like this I. Magnin& CO structure:

Christopher Brimley said...

I actually am going for a "mosaic" look on this next structure, just not sure how to master it. I plan on keeping it a simple grey, but I do love the emerald color. There is a gorgeous building in Los Angeles called the Eastern Columbia Building that I want to build that is similar, just a tad larger at

Thank you though for the link, I will save it.

Miles said...

Your welcome Chris!

It's really great to see such an astounding scratchbuilder, and be able to follow the progress here.

If you'd like I have 30+ detailed photographs of that building in better lighting (that link isn't my site.) I'll probably post them on my blog soon for you to see.

Christopher Brimley said...

Sure thing, I am always looking great photos to work from. Just email them to me at

I am starting to realize that Oakland has some unknown but great architecture. Probably because San Francisco is just across the bay and steals the attention.