Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photo of the Day

Today's picture is a sad one (and not a repeat).  On Saturday at the monthly op-session on the UCW I was informed of another structure that needs to be built.  What is needed is a single stall engine house with an open area for a second track on the side, so I was hunting for a few reference photos and I stumbled upon this sad scene.

It is engine #26 of the Virginia & Truckee in Reno Nevada, and what had happened was the engine was stored for the night on May 1 1950 and a half hour later this was the scene.  Some believe that the death of #26 was suicide, because the line she ran on was scheduled to be abandoned in under a month.

To read the story in better detail go to the Western Nevada History site, they also have a good collection of photos of that locale from different era's that will prove beneficial when construction on my mining town module begins.  

Like I said above this is a sad photo, It is also a haunting image as well, something from a nightmare.  I just think there is a very strange look about the locomotive in the picture that looks ghostly.  I don't think I am describing it very well and the average viewer would look at it and say "Meh. . . anybody die".

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