Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Steven's Hotel

As I said I would do a few day's ago here is a post about the Steven's Hotel.

This was a first in many ways for me, it was the first structure that I had built in about seven years, the first that I experimented with scratch building and the biggest structure that I built. 
I came up with the idea of using DPM modular walls for the majority of the building and I think it worked for what I was going for.  

The top floor was the beginning of scratch building for me.  I wanted to use the same windows that I had used throughout the structure and so I flipped the modular wall so I could have a smooth surface to build the rest of the wall on.  It was all built from styrene except the cove on top, that was made from 1/4" basswood cove molding.

The pharmacy on the bottom was scratch built from styrene and so was the entrance and stairs.  I modeled the pharmacy from one in the movie The Sting.  I still need to finish off the bottom floor of the hotel, I will most likely do a reconstruction of the windows on the pharmacy like I have been doing on the Dominion.  There are many problems that drive me crazy on the first floor that need revision. 

The little yellow building I haven't talked much about, it is called A.M.Stern Storage.  It is named after the architect Robert A.M Stern, he is one of my personal favorite  architects working today.  This is my first truly scratch built structure that I have built, and it shows.  If you are wondering about the windows, I followed a prototype in New York that had all of the windows boarded up and painted black, because it had been converted for storage.

Also on top was my first attempt at a water tower, it will pass as one in the back ground. 

So that is the Steven's Hotel in a nutshell,  it still has a little work left and needs a light face lift because of some things that I did poorly.  But as usual if you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

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