Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dominion Building Update - Part 1 - 011709

Its Sunday, and that means it is time for your weekly Dominion Building update.  

This week unlike last week I was able to plow through a few tasks, first off I have the back basically done, I just need to add details (my favorite part) but I wont do that till I have a few more tasks done so I don't snap stuff off from handling.  On the back I have all the brick painted by using Polly Scale boxcar red and then added mortar lines by using the sludge in the bottom of one of my bottles of thinner.  I have multiple bottles of thinner that I use to clean my brushes in, I keep the darker and lighter colors segregated because I like to use the sludge later for weathering.  

After the brick was done I painted the windows and some of the trim work.  I then began to add a little bit of detail that really began to finish off the back.  First I wanted to run some electrical conduit up the side.  I made this by simply using .015" brass wire and .010 x .030" strip styrene. I cut the wire a little long, bent one end at a 90 degree angle and inserted into a .015" hole I drilled with my pin vise.  One the wire was at correct length I gave it a coat of a dark grey paint, the styrene brackets I painted a brown and glued them down.  Once the paint dries add the conduit with a little CA.  

The other item I added was a little duct work that went around the elevator shaft.  I chose the location because I had a horrid seam in the brick, and so I disguised it.  I first built the duct work from 1/8" styrene tube, then I fabricated the five brackets from .010 x .020" strip (the smallest evergreen makes).  I eyeballed the brackets to whatever looked good, but I think their about 3/16".  Then painted and attached the duct.

I also finished off the upper right corner to sort of mirror the other side.  I admit that I cut a few corners and simplified it because it will mostly be covered by another set of billboards made by my friend Frank Giacobbe over at the N-scale Modeling Blog .  

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nscale said...

The piping to cover the seam looks absolutely perfect! Nice job. The detail is amazing. Love these Sunday updates.

And of course, congratulations on the completion of the windows!