Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Dark Side of The Dominion

Its been a busy week for me, and so I have not been able to do much work.  I was debating whither I should post an update or not but I figured it would not hurt.  So here it goes.

My goal was to have the entire back done by today, and as you can see it is still unfinished, but thats okay.  Now the backs and some times the sides don't resemble the front facade of the building, usually to save money.  Many times a cheeper brick is used and many of the other materials change as well.  Other items you usually see are electrical conduit running everywhere, and duct work, vents, down spouts and many other things that you don't want messing up the front of your building.  The backs of some buildings are like the dark side of the moon (not the amazing Pink Floyd album) the suns light just never quite reaches it.  

So now this brings me to what has changed and what my ramblings above pertain to.  First what I did was to laminate brick styrene sheet to most of the surfaces.  the panel with the windows required a little more work than the others.  Originally the back was going to be left unfinished because it will never be seen, but when I decided to enter it in a judged show, I knew I could not leave it in that kind of condition. 

I laid out how I wanted my windows to look first, I then made my cutting marks on the back and cut out the material.  The windows I used are made by Tichy Train Group (the first commercial part used so far) and are a 44" x 66" double hung masonry window.  I needed to give the illusion of thickness on the walls because this type of window are recessed in to the wall.  So I just glued in strips of .060 x .080" strip on the back of the wall around the window.  Because I was not going to finish the back I didn't leave openings for windows, so I had to brutally cut openings for the windows.  

Next I built a basic loading dock and plopped in a little receiving door, the vender of the door I think is Period Miniatures, I purchased it a few years ago.  I then built the wood addition from Northeastern Scale Lumber siding, and more Tichy windows.  The structural supports are made from .060 and .080" I-beams from Evergreen.  

That is about all that I have done as of yet, hopefully I can accomplish more this week, but we shall see on next Sunday. 

before any work began

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