Friday, January 9, 2009

A HUGE Surprise!

My wife today had to go run a few errands today, which happens often.  But today she came home with a shocking treat that I was not expecting, a Kato GG1 and the Pennsylvania Broadway Limited 10 car set.  I was a bit surprised  to put it mildly.  I have been teasing her that I wanted it sense it was announced but it was mostly just for fun.  I never expected this.  

I really lucked out with her, she is the one that believed that I could actually build the Dominion and then has convinced me not to give up on it when I was ready to toss it.  She keeps pushing me to try harder and have confidence in my work and I owe her so much, thanks hun.

I was as giddy as a twelve year old and decided to see how it looks with the unfinished mess I call Hudson.  Sorry for the street running set up but thats all I can do for the time being.  The only negative thing about having the GG1 is now I need to run catenary where I want to run this, or I may pick up the E units that Kato has coming out soon. 

I realized I have not posted much about the Steven's Hotel, in a little while I will talk about what I did to build it.  There is still a little work left on the first floor, but nothing major.

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nscale said...

That's one awesome surprise! Tell your wife "Way to go!". However... my first thought was also about the overhead wires when I got mine. :)