Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photo of the Day

I have been kicking around the idea of scrapping my current half built El and going with a more ornate station such as this one right above the very text you are reading (wow what are the chances of that) This station was I think on the 9th ave. El if memory serves me right.  But don't hold your breath cause this may not happen for awhile.  

I am very tired, hence the quirkiness. 


Christopher Brimley said...

Sorry I just noticed it says 6th ave. on the station.

Jeff Goldenberg said...

Hi Christopher:

Congratulations on some nice modeling. Most if not all of the stations along the 6th Avenue el were designed by Jasper Cropsey. Interestingly, he was not an architect but a painter and these I believe were the only buildings he ever designed. I have been looking for plans/drawings of these stations but to no avail.

I live in NYC and have been interested in modeling the subways and els for many years, sadly with nothing accomplished due to lack of space and time. Now I am planning an HO shelf layout in a spare bedroom that will be a freelanced design based on the spurs that ran to the Fulton and Williamsburg ferries. Cars will be kitbashed from MDC-Roundhouse Overland/Overton passenger cars (I plan on casting the bodies). El structures will probably be cast from masters made from Plastruct/Evergren shapes.

Definitely would be interested in an HO version of the Astor Place subway entrance as well as detail parts for my el cars (end gates, primarily) if you are so inclined!

Keep up the great work.

Christopher Brimley said...

Jeff - If you ever find plans to and of the stations let me know cause I would love to have them.
When you start your layout I want to see pictures and yes I hope frank cat get the Astor Place Kiosk made into a kit, it would be wonderful.