Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dominion Building Update

Here we are again with the Dominion Building, and again with the weekly update. . . . . again!  No I am kidding I am still having fun working on the little giant, I still take a few breaks away from it and do other projects such as the water tower and billboards.  I know a few professional painters that will work on as many as five paintings at a time, just so they don't burn themselves out, I like that philosophy.  

So what's changed!

All attention was diverted to finishing up the bottom three floors.  I first had to clean things up from the old windows that I had ripped out, then it was onto my favorite activity of making friggin windows.  I must have sniffed a little to much plastic cement when I first built the skeleton for the bottom floors because no two windows were the same.  I had to custom cut and file each part so they would fit, looking at it they seem to be even, which as Martha Stewart would say "is a Good Thing".

Once window torture was complete I gave the building a nose job.  The entrance was rather. . . . Blah!  It is very roughly based on the prototype, I mostly wanted to carry the arch windows theme from the top down to the bottom.  The whole thing is made from styrene, but the half round design was not.  It is a metal piece I found at a craft store, they came in a pack of ten and are for making your own jewelry, I just cut the thing in half.  There were many thing that I found that I hope to use on other structures.   I found many things at the craft store that could be used in many different situations, I was bored one day and walked every isle to see what I could find (I got some funny looks when I was looking at the designs on the lace to use for structure detail). 

After the front was done I did some work in the mezzanine, but I am not proud of what has been done in there so until I like it, you cant see it.  Then I painted everything and thats about it.  

Before anyone says anything I already know that a piece is missing on the left up right, if you look in the second photo it was there, I think it was ripped off when I masked everything off for the windows.


nscale said...

Your work is truly inspiring. You're making me want to abandon buying model kits entirely in favor of nothing but scratch-building.

I need to go back and read about your El build. I don't recall, but if you haven't detailed the El build like you did with the water tower and you're doing with Dominion, I for one would love to get more info on the El.

Christopher Brimley said...

I haven't touched the El in months, the pictures I posted long ago is how it looks today.

I am actually kicking around scraping it and going for a for victorian station. The main reason I hesitate is because I believe most were torn down in the 30's and 40's.