Thursday, December 11, 2008

Behind the Scenes

I always like to see other modelers work space, some have some very nice setups that I envy and others use kitchen tables.  I have always found it beneficial to have a dedicated work area, but I do realize that for some it is not a possibility.  So today I give you a glimpse into the behind the scenes of my structures and how I try to keep things organized. 
This is the overview of my work space.  My work bench is technically a small drafting table, but it works fine for my current needs.  I am a sucker for music and I must have something playing while I work, it helps me to focus on the project at hand.  That is why I have my cheap turntable and head phones near by. Also this is about as messy as I allow it to get, I work better in a clean and organized environment.

A little closer view of the work bench.  The black and green thing in the foreground is my favorite tool, if you don't have a Chopper, get one, and when you do, get the Chopper II.  I had many issues with accuracy with the Chopper I, but it was better than nothing.  I could not survive with out it.

For all of my strip and sheet styrene, brass, paper and other stuff I store in legal file folders inside of a plastic storage tote, letter file folders are too short for 12" long strips.  I still don't have a good solution for my basswood, most of the stock is about 24" long.

For my windows and doors I love these little storage dividers.  They are fairly cheep and do a great job.  I try to have a good stock of parts on hand cause I cant run out and pick these up, I have to order them, so when I need them I have them.

This is another tote that I have my detail parts in, I need much much more of this stuff cause you can never have too much detail.  
So thats all, in a bit I will post a few pictures of some of my dream work benches.

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