Sunday, December 14, 2008

UCW Operating Session

Yesterday I had to drive about two hours in snowy weather (not fun) to get to my destination, the Utah Colorado Western Railroad.  A few months ago a new acquaintance of mine (Kelly Newton) that I will be doing modules with, invited me to attend a op session.  I had never attended one of these before and I was a little intimidated.  But I was invited back so I must have done okay, because from what I here that most don't get invited back.
The layout is freelance western bridge route that runs between Denver and Salt Lake City.  The layout resides in Lee Nicholas' basement, but was built by many of his friends.  It has been on the cover of Model Railroader and featured in many other magazines as well.   Something that I have learned by doing the op sessions with these guys is that I don't know anything.  The guys that attend are some of the most knowledgeable about anything railroad related that I have ever met, and it is a humbling experience to be around them.  I just have had more fun listening to them talk as I have playing trains up there.
I have a few photos that I took last night but for many many more go
I believe a crew house at Jiggs.

Overview of Hamilton.

Looking back at Hamilton on the left.

Looking down to Cobre.

Coal mine at Cobre.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the valance on this layout. I think it really works well when the areas above and below the layout are solid black. Really focuses the viewer's attention on the action.