Monday, December 29, 2008

Will You Be My Neighbor

I realized a few days ago that when I finish the Dominion for the March show, I don't have another structure locked and loaded to go.  I do have a few little things to knock out for the Junction City modules, but most I can build in a weekend.  

There are a few larger structures that I want to build for the the city but, A: I don't know where or how they will be placed and B: My skill level is still lacking to attempt them.

So what do I do next?  I build a neighbor for the Dominion building!

What needs to be built is a building of about 7-8 floors in height, it will be on the side of the billboards that are currently up and they will be separated by a small alleyway.

My first choice was to do a theater.  I had found a few photos of an amazing Art Nouveau specimen in Manhattan, but I then felt I needed something a little more subtle.  So I decided on a very basic Art Deco structure, that will largely be my own design.  I began to get excited and wanted to start the plans and something new that I will be doing. . . . color studies.  Then I realized I had a deadline of sorts and put it all on hold.

When I have my plans started I will be posting very quickly, but not till the Dominion is done.

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