Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Do Windows

I spent most of last weekend framing windows, and have survived to tell the tale.  To begin with this little beast has 166 windows, I finished 88 of them, plus the 21 that I had done earlier on the 11th floor.  Of the 88, 33 were ones that I redid from months ago because they were no good (I may redo the other 21 windows as well).  The windows that are not done will be finished in stages, the ones in the top two floors are next.
Now each of the 88 windows had a grand total of 12 individual parts of strip styrene, that is 1056 parts for those windows.  Most of the remaining windows will not require as many pieces as the others . . . . . . whew!   
If I add the detail that I did under the windows that I did two weeks ago to the list of parts we get the tiny number of 1475 parts.  I am sick and tired of windows for a bit, what I need to do is make molds and cast my windows . . . oh well there's always next time.
Next up after I finish the 16 windows on the top two floors is work on the bottom two floors.   I need to add allot of detail and finish the mezzanine area then, gasp! . . . more windows!?

All the parts for the 88 windows precut.

I stuck in a sheet of black paper so the windows would show up.

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