Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dominion Building Transformation

I went ahead and bit the bullet and repainted the model to match the prototype postcard.  First off, what has changed sense you last saw this?  All of the older windows I decided to rip out, so all of the frames on the eleventh floor are new.  I also framed in the windows around the right side (you cant see those in these pictures).  I discovered awhile ago that there is brick on eleven, but I hadn't bothered with it cause I had it painted.  But because it had been decided to repaint, I added the brick sheet in.  Then I have done a little prep work for the windows on twelve and Thirteen.

After that and a few other little things, it was time to paint.  Everything but floors four through eleven was masked off.   I then sprayed a Coat of Testors Modern Desert Sand and let it dry over night.  The next day I painted the brick between four & eight with Polly Scale Boxcar Red.  It turned out good but I still think it is a hair dark, however I will let it slide.  That then dried very quickly and so I began masking off around the windows.  I debated this for awhile, I couldn't decide what would be faster, hand paint every window and touch up after, or mask off each window and spray.  I chose the latter because I wanted a better coat and I felt masking would not take too long.  I was right about the paint but I spent about five hours applying masking tape (I watched A Christmas Story and The French Connection during this).  The arched windows were too difficult to mask, so those I painted by hand.

When I had all of this done, I must admit I was disappointed with the results.  So I pulled out my two favorite weathering friends out.  First I slathered on a very liberal wash of india Ink/Alcohol mix to the newly painted areas.  Then applied a good coat of dullcote to seal in the progress thus far.  Then I attacked by highlighting areas by dry-brushing with white paint.  After doing these important steps it began to come alive.  

The roof still needs to be darkened, but that will happen after I finish the windows (I don't like windows anymore).  I still have a hefty amount of work on the bottom two floors, then an interior for the bottom floor.  The back is still unfinished but that will be left for last. 

I have enjoyed the comments this far and please don't hesitate to ask about anything, I am more than happy to answer.  After this is done I will do a few smaller structures, then you know I must out do this.


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