Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photo of the Day/Potential Kitbash

I actually found this photo today.  It is a Swift & Company milk and butter fat receiving depot and creamery, located in Caldwell, Idaho (1940).  I was looking at it and I thought "that looks like the Brach's Candy factory that Cornerstone makes!" and sure enough they are very similar.
It will take at least two kits to make it work, possibly three.  First I would chop the top floor, then extend the upper floor about what looks like two window panes.  Depending how close to the prototype you want to be, all the superficial concrete columns, windows and brick needs to be cut out and replaced on the outside sections.
The loading dock and awning will need to be scratch built but thats not a very big deal.  The cornice on top of the fourth floor will need to be scratch built as well.  The difficult part will be to match the brick on the kit.  Then the raised brass or gold Swift & Co. sign could be a issue but something out there will work.
This isn't something I could do for awhile but I just thought it would look good on layout if anybody else wants to give it a go.  The Brach's Candy factory is currently discontinued, but Walthers will be doing a limited production in March.


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