Monday, December 8, 2008

Chloe's Cafe

Over the weekend I pumped out a new little structure that I have named after my daughter Chloe.  This little guy was a kit (this was the first kit i've made in about five years) made by Willmodels that you can only get off of ebay.  I was introduced to these from a post on the very good  N Scale Modeling Blog.  As of yet there are only three kits available and I chose his Millie's Cafe kit that will go on my mining town module that I will start on soon.
I basically stuck to the instructions on the assemblage, but I did the painting and signs how I wanted so it would be somewhat unique.  Kits are great but I wish more people would have some fun with them and stray from the picture on the box and make it their own.  While I am up on my soap box I want to say how much I dislike the "built ups" or factory finished structures that are becoming more popular today.  For the most part they look good, but you kill the creativity and uniqueness that is great about this hobby (okay off soap box).
  If you are wondering why the front steps are missing it is because when this get planted on the layout the front door will be level with the side walk and the ground will slope away from the front.  most of the signs I found online with exception to the yellow Chloe's Cafe sign, I made that one.
The Coke sign was forged from .010" sheet styrene, .015" brass wire and two copies of a Coke logo from the inter-web.  The little light is .015" brass wire and a Titchy Train Group shade.  I built the billboard from HO scale 3"x3" strip wood and .025" spacing siding from Northeastern Scale Lumber, and a add that I found ages ago.  
I fiddled about with the paint on the brick to get a fairly realistic look.  It turned out okay but next time around it should turn out better.  I weathered it with a wash of india ink / alcohol mix, then I added some dirt and rust effects and then toned down the whole thing with a diluted white paint mixture.  Between each coat I sealed it with Dullcote, if you don't you will be in a world of blah.


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